2000 Tokaj Eszencia with Tasting Spoons

In honor of The Count, Buena Vista is proud to introduce our Eszencia imported directly from Hungary and often described as one of the most exclusive wines in the world. Made from the juice of Aszú berries which runs off naturally from the vats in which they are collected during harvest, Eszencia has a high sugar concentration that is almost syrup like and takes several years to ferment. The intensity of flavor in this wine is unequaled but is so sweet that it can only be consumed in small quantities and typically from a small spoon. Two tasting spoons are included with purchase.

Please note this wine is not available to ship to CT, GA, IL, IN, IA, KY, LA, ME, MI, MO, MS, MT, OH, RI, SD, UT, VA, or WV.

Sold out.

The Buena Vista Eszencia reflects the essence of botrytised berries. Its dense texture melts in the mouth as the incredibly vibrant acidity emerges. Sweet fruit flavors come together with the acidity and mineral elements creating a finish.

The Count of Buena Vista, Agoston Haraszthy, was a vivacious pioneer whose love affair with grape growing started in his homeland of Hungary. Born into nobility, The Count grew up amidst famed vineyards and orchards that had been in his family for centuries.



Total Acidity at Bottling

13.1 g/L

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