Cream Sherry

A tribute to some of the iconic wine styles from around the world that Agoston Haraszthy himself assisted in propagating in California. In the early days of Buena Vista, and what would become the Vinicultural Society, The Count and his son Arpad were commissioned by the Californian government to travel throughout Europe and bring back vine cuttings. After months of travel they succeeded in bringing back over 487 different varieties, modern winemaking techniques and styles that would go on to influence the likes of Charles Krug and many others.

Please note this wine is not available to ship to ME, LA, MT, ID, CT, KY, MS, SC, or UT.

Your senses are sure to come to life once you take your first whiff of the complex aromas of almonds, hazelnut, honey and maple. Rich on the palate with its full body and nutty flavors of hazelnut, caramel, crème brûlée and a hint of toasted marshmallow, this Cream Sherry will remind you why Buena Vista has decided to "make its past, its future" once again.

After the primary fermentation was completed, the wine was then fortified with grape spirits in order to increase alcohol content. The wine was then stored in open vats, encouraging the development of "flor", a layer of yeast that covers the wine, creating a flowerlike crust on top that helps inhibit oxidation. After an extensive period of aging, the wine was further fortified to eliminate the flor and underwent additional aging exposed to air. This intentional oxidation allows the sherry to develop its characteristic rich, golden brown color and classic nutty flavors that are synonymous with this traditional style of sherry. We also employed the solera system, using multiple vintages to create the perfect blend. The addition of some grape must before bottling yields a sweet, sultry, and complex wine.

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