A tribute to some of the iconic wine styles from around the world that Agoston Haraszthy himself assisted in propagating in California. In the early days of Buena Vista, and what would become the Vinicultural Society, The Count and his son Arpad were commissioned by the Californian government to travel throughout Europe and bring back vine cuttings. After months of travel they succeeded in bringing back over 487 different varieties, modern winemaking techniques and styles that would go on to influence the likes of Charles Krug and many others.

Please note this wine is not available to ship to ME, LA, MT, ID, CT, KY, MS, SC, or UT.

Made in the Tawny Port style, the color of our Buena Vista Port is a light, golden brown that showcases aromas and flavors of dried plums, blackberry, maple syrup, dried tobacco and a hint of light roasted coffee elements. A rich and complex fortified wine that would make the perfect pairing for many rich cheeses, desserts such as tiramisu or pecan pie, or even a delicious square of dark chocolate.

Ports are a fortified wine that are typically richer, sweeter, heavier in body and possess a higher alcohol content than unfortified wines. This is due to the addition of distilled grape spirits that are added to halt fermentation before all the sugar is converted to alcohol and results in a wine that is usually 18% to 20% alcohol. This Tawny Port is at 18.5% alcohol.

Similar to other wines, Ports should be stored in a cool, but not cold, dark location with a steady temperature. Because Tawny Ports have already undergone oxidation, they can be consumed for up to a month after opening.

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6.2 g/L






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